Whether peripatetic or jet-setting, many travelers seek exploration for a novel experience. While abroad, they immerse themselves in the local culture through the food and customs yet find means of self-expression through communication and personal style. After each journey, these travelers pass through transportation hubs collecting passport stamps and souvenirs as a badge of nostalgic pride. For Fall/Winter 2020, Victor will be translating this shared experience of travel through the lens of our global social media culture. The first heightened sensory experience begins with food. Victor Li studies the act of travel and the lure of different cuisines from around the world. International gastronomy opens us to some of the best discoveries - from the delicate aroma of crackling, cherry wood-smoked meats to the surprisingly numbing heat of the Sichuan pepper. 


Inspired by the hunt for adventure and new appetites, transit and dining badges playfully decorate different jackets and sweaters, like well-stamped passports. The collection presents relaxed layering pieces, versatile for everyday or strolling through a bustling night market. With an earthy color palette of rusty reds and moss greens on soft knitted wools, the pieces are grounded yet fresh, balanced by the modern silhouettes and custom-woven fabrics.